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Let us answer your doubts

We analysed 15 standardised polymorphic segments due to the high variability between different people.

In any case, Genoma23 undertakes to process personal data in accordance with legislation and current regulations on data protection, as well as to establish the relevant confidentiality commitments with third parties to whom it gives or allows access to these personal data. Vivlio Medical, S.L may send your personal data to collaborating third parties at certain times in order to correctly provide the contracted service. Biological samples are destroyed and never stored. The purchaser's data will be stored by Genoma23 and will be processed in accordance with current personal data legislation regulations.

Definitely not. Your data are protected by Organic Law 3/2018, dated 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights (LOPDGDD in Spanish).

It is the DNA sequence contained in 23 pairs of chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell in your body. The genome of an organism is the repository of the information that allows each organism to grow and develop and that is transmitted from generation to generation, from parents to children.

Indeed, each work of art is unique since each genetic profile is different. Your work of art will be therefore unique and exclusive.

We take the privacy and security of our customers very seriously, the reason why we do not use names, but instead codes to distinguish each customer within the laboratory and throughout the process.

The work that we will deliver will be your DNA in its maximum splendour. If you request, we will give you the option to choose between a range of colours only.

Taking a saliva sample is not as uncomfortable, invasive or painful as extracting blood or hair. The genetic code of a person is exactly the same in all their cells, regardless of the biological sample that is extracted from the individual. Another important point is its reliability, since the error percentages are minimal in the vast majority of genetic tests that are carried out with this type of sample.

Definitely no. Your artwork will originate from specific genetic markers and will never be used as a diagnostic tool.

We strive to make your experience with us totally satisfactory with your quality artwork and with our attentive customer service. We will refund your order in fulI if you are not satisfied with your experience.

As the genetic profile is defined by the combination of the genomes of our parents, your picture and that of your parents and children will have some similar traits.

Our Corelab is ISO regulated and has sanitary controls. The samples are analysed and processed using the PCR technique.

We represent the proteins within its genome through the brushstrokes making up its painting.

It is a completely painless process. Your DNA will be extracting using a carefully prepared kit that we will send to your home. This Kit contains an explanation of the extraction process that will be done using a cotton swab that you will have to rub inside your mouth for approximately 30 seconds. Once this step is finished, place the swab in the tube that you will find inside the kit and then contact us so that we can come and collect the sample.

You will receive your work two weeks after the sample is received in the laboratory.

Each work of art we produce comes exclusively from the DNA provided to us by the customer. We will provide you with a certificate of authenticity for this purpose. The painting will come with a certificate of authenticity when you receive it stating that the painting you have received has been made exclusively with your DNA, as well as an image of the purely genetic analysis with the bands that define you.

No, the purpose of obtaining your DNA is to produce a work of art. Once the painting is obtained, your sample is destroyed in our laboratory following a secure process. Only the genetic profile obtained from the DNA sample provided by the customer to correctly provide the service will be collected, but it will not be stored. A certificate with your genetic profile will be sent to you and will be removed from our database.

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