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What part of the DNA is analyzed?

We analyzed 15 standardized polymorphic segments since it has a high variability between different people.

What is done with the DNA from the test?

By legal obligation, this DNA must be destroyed or according to law XXX / 201X, the remaining DNA must be destroyed. In our case, we have the service of a company that is dedicated to the collection and disposal of this material.

Will my data be transferred to other companies or people?

Of course not, your data is protected by the Data Protection Law XXXXX / 20

What is the genome?

It is the DNA sequence contained in 23 pairs of chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell in your body. The genome of an organism is where all the information that allows each organism to grow and develop, is transmitted from generation to generation, from parents to children.

Is each work of art unique?

Indeed, each work of art is unique since each genetic profile is different. For this reason, your artwork will be unique and exclusive.

How are my security and privacy guaranteed?

We take the privacy and security of our clients very seriously, that is why we do not use names, but we use codes to distinguish each client within the laboratory and throughout the process.

Can I choose the shape and colors of the painting?

The work that we are going to deliver you will not be able to personalize it, in the same way, that you did not choose the form and characteristics of your organism and its functions. The work that we are going to deliver to you will be unique and unrepeatable. It contains the biological instructions that determine that each species is different and that each individual is unique, like you.

Why is a saliva sample needed?

The extraction of a saliva sample is not as troublesome, invasive and painful a process as the extraction of blood or hair. A person's genetic code is the same in all of their cells, regardless of the biological sample that is taken from the individual. Another important point is its reliability since the error percentages are minimal in the vast majority of genetic tests performed with this type of sample.

Can you get any genetic information about the piece?

Of course not. Your work of art will be originated from your genetic coding, it will have a different arrangement and colors, but it does not resemble a genetic map (photo) or chromosomes (photo) at all. The table will not contain any specific information about your genetic makeup. There is no way someone can read the portrait to deduce something specific about their DNA.

What is Genoma23's return policy?

We will seek to ensure that your experience with us is completely satisfactory with your quality work of art and careful customer service. If you are not satisfied with your experience, we will refund your order in full.

Will my relatives have a painting similar to mine?

The genetic profile is defined by the combination of the genomes of our parents, so their picture and that of their parents and children will have some similar features.

How will my DNA sample be analyzed and processed?


What part of my DNA will be shown in the piece?

We represent the proteins within its genome through the brushstrokes that make up its picture.

Is DNA extraction painful?

The process is painless. The extraction of your DNA will be done with a careful kit that we will send to your home. In this kit, you will find an explanation of the extraction process that will be done by using a cotton swab that you will have to rub inside your mouth for about 30 seconds. Once this step is completed, the stick will be stored in the tube that will be found in the kit and finally, you will contact us so that we can come and look for the sample.

How long will it take to receive the order?


How do I know that my artwork was made only with my DNA?

Each work of art that we produce comes exclusively from the DNA that the client has provided us. For this we will give you a certificate of authenticity, When you receive the box it will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as the box you have received has been made exclusively with your DNA, as well as an image of the purely genetic analysis with the bands that define you.

Is my DNA stored in your database?

No. The purpose of obtaining your DNA is the production of a work of art. Once the table is obtained, your sample is destroyed in our laboratory through a careful and safe process.

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